Advanced sustainability profiles help promote sustainable cleaning

The cleaning industry is enormous, and there are thousands of cleaning products to choose from. PRé and A.I.S.E. developed sustainability profiles that help households and cleaning companies choose the most sustainable cleaning agents.

Sustainability Profiles As Common Industry Approach

For the past two years, PRé has supported the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.) in developing Advanced Sustainability Profiles (ASPs) for household products. ASPs determine a set of minimum criteria that products must meet to have a good sustainability profile. This initiative promotes a common industry approach to  reporting on sustainability, and is based on a comprehensive life cycle assessment.

Environmental Footprint Rules Project – The Next Step For ASPs

PRé will continue to support A.I.S.E in 2014. The European Commission has started a 3-year pilot project that aims to define  Environmental Footprint Rules for different product categories. A consortium led by A.I.S.E was selected as one of the pilot testers. PRé will act as the technical helpdesk to this consortium. The objective is to develop product category rules for cleaning products that will allow people to compare similar products. These rules can then be used in the market as a tool to differentiate between products and organizations.

Laura Golsteijn

Senior Consultant

I am eager to increase the environmental awareness of our society, and I believe that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world, every day. At PRé we provide companies with both the knowledge and the tools to improve their products and services. I am excited to work for an organisation that is involved in developing sustainable initiatives.

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