Corporations to US Congress | Climate Change is an Opportunity, Act Now

Last week, American corporations began promoting and engaging in the recently released manifest urging the US Congress to tackle Climate Change. At PRé, we support and join this initiative.



It’s time for American policymakers to take action on climate change, according to a group of more than 33 multinational corporations, including Nike, Ikea, and Intel. The companies have signed a Climate Declaration, boldly asserting that climate change is one of the biggest economic opportunities of the 21st century — and that President Obama and congress must act now.


“Just as America rose to the great challenges of the past and came out stronger than ever, we have to confront this challenge, and we have to win,” the pledge reads in part. 

After disasters like Hurricane Sandy and the drought that affected crop production throughout the U.S., many Americans realize that ignoring climate change is no longer an option. Reacting now is imperative, and will benefit us all long term.


PRé, longtime provider of metrics for sustainable products, strongly believes that climate change is no longer a threat to companies or individuals, it’s an opportunity. In fact, companies are already taking action and developing sustainable initiatives to keep their businesses healthy, in part by forming coalitions to work together on finding valuable, sustainable solutions.


Of course, this huge undertaking will only be successful by adopting a good, scientific-based strategy. Life Cycle Assessment, available for more than 20 years, provides businesses, organizations and governments with methods to strategize — and then go out and get the work done.

This call to action should encourage the American government to:

• Support businesses and other organizations striving to make effective change through legislative and R&D support — beyond just delivering a good report.
• Educating consumers, so that they become aware of the implications of their day-to-day actions. This way consumers can make the right choices, beyond just purchasing “green” products.


The Climate Declaration shows that the most important changes need to be made and carried out at the organization level, as the impact of an organization is much larger than that of an individual. Nevertheless, individuals have the great power of being able to drive change, as it is they who make the final choice.


Together we can make a difference. We urge American legislators and President Obama to seize the opportunity before them and take action on climate change today.


Sincerely, PRé



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