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A robust 2012 has positioned science giant DSM to soar in 2013, thanks in part to their commitment to sustainability. According to the (just released) DSM annual report, the company had a very successful fourth quarter, with an EBITDA of €243 million.



February 2013 – CEO and Board Chairman Feike Sijbesma said, “In the context of challenging macro-economic conditions, DSM delivered growth across all clusters in 2012, excluding caprolactam.” And the company expects the strong growth to continue into 2013, with a projected EBITDA of €1.4 billion.


Sustainability Toward Strategic Growth

In particular, the company’s report and accompanying press release touted DSM’s commitment to sustainability as an exceptional business driver for strategic growth. A true industry standout, for the sixth year since 2004, DSM was named one of the leaders in the chemical industry sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. “DSM believes sustainability will be a key differentiator and value driver in the coming decades. The company is uniquely positioned to capture new opportunities across the value chain. Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s operations, actions, and decisions,” the press release stated.


Creating Value, Lessening Impact: ECO+

As part of their sustainable endeavors, DSM continues to support ECO+, which promotes the development of sustainable and innovative products. “ECO+ solutions create more value with less environmental impact,” the report stated. Products qualify for ECO+ when their environmental footprint is reduced compared with competing products or solutions.

PRé is proud to assist DSM with ECO+, which has led to the creation of such products as a lower-drag, lighter weight plastic, helping to make cars more fuel-efficient.

ECO+ products are not only environmentally friendly, they also contribute to the bottom line. By 2015, DSM expects 50 percent of their total net sales to come from ECO+ products. For 2012, the company reported that an impressive 43 percent of innovations developed were part of the ECO+ program.

Social Metrics In Action: People+

Another initiative PRé has been working with DSM on is People+, the company’s social metrics strategy for measurably improving the lives of consumers, workers, and communities across value chains.

A difficulty with implementing social metrics has been the lack of a metric to determine quantifiable results. But the new metric PRé is helping to develop, “DSM People LCA,” considers the product’s impact on health conditions, perceived comfort and well-being of end-users, employee working conditions, and the impact on communities across the value chains.

By quantifying the effect their products have on people across the value chain, DSM is poised to improve people’s lives through activities, solutions, and innovations, all while contributing to their bottom line.

A strong, business-savvy commitment to sustainability will continue to help DSM succeed, in 2013 and beyond.


source: PRé's editors


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For more information, the DSM press release can be found here.


The case study of the DSM program People+ can be found here.



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