EARTHSHIFT changes name to Long Trail Sustainability (LTS)

HUNTINGTON, VT – EARTHSHIFT announced this week that the company will change its name to Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), effective immediately. LTS name reflects company’s roots and its dedication towards sustainability perseverance

The new name, Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), encompasses many aspects of the sustainability consultancy. LTS, derived from the famous Long Trail hiking route that runs the length of Vermont, a state well known for its progressive and environmentally-minded demographic, ties in the company’s Vermont roots. Furthermore, the name Long Trail Sustainability well represents the idea of the comprehensive, yet constantly unfolding path towards true sustainability that the consultancy aims to guide their clients along.

Melissa Hamilton, LTS’ Managing Director, explained that the new name reflects the actuality that sustainability is a journey. “The new name acknowledges the unique pathway towards sustainability maturity that each organization must seek out.” – says Hamilton.

Following the split of EarthShift LLC between partners in late 2015, previous EarthShift partner, Melissa Hamilton, continued the work of the sustainability consultancy throughout 2016 under Hamilton Enterprises, doing business as (DBA) EARTHSHIFT. With the beginning of 2017, Hamilton Enterprises is moving away from the EarthShift name and continuing business as Long Trail Sustainability.

LTS will remain as a long-standing partner of the worldwide SimaPro network managed by PRé Sustainability in the Netherlands. Eric Mieras, PRé’s Managing Director, commented on the name change, “Melissa and her team have always been a trusted partner within the SimaPro network. We’re very happy they will continue to be part of our “family” under a new name. And the new name, Long Trail Sustainability, not only reflects their Vermont roots and the path to sustainability, but also the journey we have been on together to make sustainability more fact based. We both believe that knowing the facts is crucial to mainstream sustainability.”

LTS remains dedicated to its success as a recognized global leader in environmental product sustainability, maintaining its current reputation as experts in product stewardship.

About LTS

LTS works with organizations to integrate life cycle sustainability practices into their business conduct. Whether it’s a broad spectrum approach or a focused effort geared towards product design, employee engagement and collaboration, supply chain management, brand enhancement or beyond, LTS works closely with their clients and adapts their sustainability solutions to meet each one’s individualized challenges and ambitions.

LTS likes to think of themselves as a boutique sustainability firm; small and personable with a high level of in-house expertise, yet expansible through their strong worldwide partner network of sustainability professionals.

Their sustainability services encompass:

  • A skilled Consultancy spanning the range of environmental impact measurement systems, including ISO compliant life cycle assessment, GHG protocol carbon accounting, water, and product footprinting, sustainable product development (SPD), building science, and energy efficiency.
  • High quality software tools including the world renowned SimaPro LCA software, which they have offered and supported as PRé Sustainability’s North American partner since 2000, and their own custom North American specific database, DATASMART Life Cycle Inventory.
  • An outstanding training program for both professionals and academics, over twenty custom developed courses ranging from introductory to advanced level and their own industry recognized Certificate Training Programs.

Their people

Each member of the LTS team is driven by their own adventurous passions, which include skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing and world travel. These passions and experiences not only drive them but also fuel the worth they find in protecting the natural world culminating in the hard work that they do.

LTS helps their clients in a variety of ways:

  • Assess cradle to grave environmental impacts of their products and services
  • Integrate environmental footprinting into the design process
  • Improve business decisions to benefit multiple stakeholders
  • Put the science behind marketing claims
  • Develop eco labeling programs
  • Design environmentally friendly products
  • Alter processes to lessen environmental impacts
  • Build internal capacity on sustainability issues through training

LTS helps companies to be environmentally and socially responsible

The environmental life of a product technically begins with the first raw material extraction used in its development, but the management of that product’s life begins long before – on the drawing boards. LTS’s expertise lies in helping companies to seamlessly integrate sustainability management into the life of their products from drawing board to disposal. They work across company departments and throughout the supply chain to instill the concept of life cycle thinking and make it part of a company’s core values.

LTS leverages the benefits of good stewardship

As an added benefit to protecting natural resources, good stewardship carries with it a strong increase in brand value. LTS helps leverage this benefit through sound communications and industry appropriate certifications that stand up to scrutiny while differentiating their client’s companies and products.

To find out more, please refer to their new website:

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