Free PROSUITE Handbook Now Available Online

Assessing the sustainability impacts of technology poses unique challenges. The PROSUITE group has developed a novel methodology to help you meet these challenges, and is now making the PROSUITE Handbook available to sustainability professionals and non-technical users at no cost.

For four years, researchers from all over Europe have worked on the PROSUITE methodology, an objective assessment methodology to evaluate whether a technology helps address important sustainability challenges or merely creates new ones. The fruits and insights from this work have been summarized in the PROSUITE Handbook, written by PRé as the main author. The handbook aims to give practical guidance for experts and non-technical users who would like to use the PROSUITE methodology for various purposes, such as:

  • Comparing the sustainability impacts of two technologies and alternatives to current technologies
  • Supporting the development of sustainability policies
  • Facilitating strategic decision making in companies.  

The handbook covers all aspects of the methodology. It  advises on how to set the goal and scope of a technology assessment, and discusses each of the five impact categories:  human health, social well-being, prosperity, natural environment, and exhaustible resources. The handbook also discusses how to aggregate and interpret the results for each of these impact categories. Throughout the handbook, practical examples show how the methodology has been applied in case studies.

The handbook is available in a digital version and contains links to relevant PROSUITE deliverables. If you are interested in a hard copy please contact Dr Andrea Ramirez through the Prosuite website.

Anne Gaasbeek

Senior Consultant

I believe every organisation can be triggered to make a positive change, with the right information and action plan. I enjoy helping organisations get there by translating complex sustainability metrics into actionable information.

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