LC-Impact Culmination | Presentation of the outcomes

The work of LC-impact is nearing its culmination, after 3.5 years. The outcomes will be presented during a special session, which is organized during the SETAC Europe annual meeting in Glasgow.


LC-IMPACT runs until June 2013, which means that the endeavour is nearing its culmination, after 3.5 years of research work. LC-IMPACT involves 16 European partners from academia, industry, and SME’s. The project focuses on the development and application of life cycle impact assessment methods, characterization and normalization factors. The outcomes will be presented during a special session, organized during the SETAC Europe annual meeting in Glasgow, next May. 


The work of LC-impact entails:

  • New impact assessment methods for categories which are not (commonly) included in life cycle impact assessments, such as marine resource use (effects caused by seafloor disturbance, target catch and by-catch), and noise.
  • Spatially explicit characterization factors based on global scale models for land use, water exploitation, toxicants, priority air pollutants, and nutrients.
  • Assessment of parameter uncertainty and value choices for impact categories with high uncertainties involved, such as ecotoxicity and human toxicity.
  • The improved decision support of the new characterization factors and normalization factors is demonstrated in the context of the following three case studies:

i) food production (fish, tomatoes, margarine)
ii) paper production and printing
iii) automobile manufacturing and operation



LC-Impact and PROSUITE are both projects in which PRé actively participates. The developed methods in LC-IMPACT will be applied within a number of case studies in both LC-IMPACT itself as well as in the EU FP7 project PROSUITE.
The main goal of PROSUITE is to develop a methodology for the sustainability assessment of current and future technologies over their life cycle. PROSUITE will provide tools to assess the economic, environmental and social dimensions of technologies. To demonstrate the methodology and tools, PROSUITE will deliver sustainability estimates for 4 technology cases, i.e. i) biorefineries and organic waste management, ii) nanotechnology, iii) multi-functional mobile devices and iv) carbon capture and storage. To assess the environmental dimensions in the case studies of PROSUITE, the newly developed environmental assessment methods from LC-IMPACT will be applied. These newly developed methods include globalised impacts related to mineral and fossil resource scarcity, water and land use, ecotoxicity and human toxicity, and pollutants causing acidification, eutrophication, photochemical ozone formation and fine particulate matter formation.



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