LC-Impact Culmination | Training Materials Available

The work of the LC-impact project is nearing its culmination. PRé is actively participating in this project, together with other 16 European partners from academia, industry, and SME’s.The first course materials for LC-impact have been developed.

May 2013 – After 3.5 years of research work for PRé and other 16 European partners, the culmination of the project is nearby. To share our insights, we developed training materials. The developed course materials can be used in training and communication. All courses will give a detailed description of the developed methodology, provide insight in bringing the methodology in to practice and indicate where possibilities for further research lie.


These courses are especially developed for researchers that want to gain more insight in the developed methodologies. That way, researchers can learn more about the developed methodology for:

Resource use impacts

Fossil and mineral resource scarcity

Non-toxic pollutant impacts

  • European characterization factors for damage to natural vegetation by ozone
  • Freshwater eutrophication
  • Terrestrial acidification

Exotoxicity and human toxicity

Ecotoxic Effects on warm blooded Predators

General guidance Impact assessment

Also, three of the course materials are developed on the principles of impact assessment. These course materials intend to outline the field impact assessment.


All courses will be presented to various interested groups. Subscription to the courses is free of charge.

Keep an eye on the LC-impact website to see when the courses take place and to acces the training materials.  The first opportunity to gain insight into the methodologies is to join the special session,  which is organized at the SETAC conference in Glasgow on Wednesday 15 May 2013, 16:30 – 18:30.

If you are interested in more information about this topic and project, please contact our expert team.

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