The Roundtable for Social Metrics | The Social Pioneers Roundtable

PRé has initiated a roundtable on social metrics together with peers from different industries. The Round Table has initiated the first stage of the three-phased work plan. See below this lines an update of this groundbreaking project.

March 2013 – “Our mission is to improve people’s lives.  We want to measure and track our performance in a manner that is recognized and trusted by our stakeholders. That’s why we strive for harmonized metrics with a broad base of participating organizations”

Markus Laubscher – Sustainable Innovation Expert – Philips


The need for social metrics

Whereas the business evolution of environmental metrics and methodology has significantly advanced over the past decade, social sustainability assessment still operates in a rather vague space.  While there is clear consensus on the need to address social issues on the corporate level, there are no harmonized and workable solutions for measuring and managing social issues at the product level.


Roundtable collaboration: the core concept

As one of the leading LCA methodology and tools providers, PRé has initiated a roundtable for social metrics in collaboration with proactive companies in order to address this gap. We believe that pre-competitive collaboration is the answer: companies like to outperform while agreeing on the way performance is measured. Our roundtable builds on this philosophy.
PRé will not claim any ownership, nor do we want to prescribe a standard. We are also happy to join forces with other initiatives as we believe this initiative needs critical mass to become accepted.


The work plan

The Roundtable is organized in three phases. The plan in essence is to harmonize key principles and metrics, consult external stakeholders, engage with other initiatives and develop a collaborative implementation phase.



Where are we now?

We are currently developing Phase 1 which, via a handbook, will deliver guidelines for product social sustainability assessment.


This guideline handbook will propose a harmonized approach for companies to assess product social sustainability that supports decision making and communication with different stakeholders. Ultimately, it will enable companies to differentiate in a transparent way, making positive and negative impacts visible, and to improve people’s lives whilst continuing to grow the business.


The participants


We are developing this initiative together with frontrunners who believe in the power of collaboration and the development of great products and services for the benefit of all: DSM, Philips, Goodyear, BASF, Ahold, Reckitt Benckiser and a well-known automotive company.



Do you work with social sustainability in a global company? Are you also interested in this initiative? Visit the website or contact us.


João Fontes | LCM Consultant for PRé

João Fontes


João Fontes joined the Consultancy team in 2008, focusing on social sustainability. He co-initiated the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics. João worked at PRé from 2008 to 2016.

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