PRé and BRE develop LINA 2.0 – Tool for compliant EPD with EN15804

LINA is a tool that enables companies and trade associations to assess their products in line with EN 15804, the European Standard for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for construction products. LINA 2.0 is an enhanced version that makes it even easier to comply with standards for the construction sector.

PRé and BRE collaborated in the life cycle assessment-based development of LINA 1.0 in 2016, and continued this fruitful collaboration and approach in the enhanced LINA 2.0. The core philosophy in the design of LINA is ‘ease of use’, and this, in addition to BRE’s brand values, as well as PRé’s mission, makes LINA essential in the drive to achieve real sustainability in practice.

LINA Life Cycle Assessment Tool - Raw materials supply
LINA Life Cycle Assessment Tool – Raw materials supply

For BRE, PRé developed BRE LINA, an online life cycle assessment tool for the construction sector. With BRE LINA, construction companies can meet requests for EPDs more easily. LINA 2.0 incorporates critical improvements to the user interface, updates to the calculation steps in the inner workings of the tool, and an expanded datamatrix covering a wider range of input and output flows. 

Data from assessments in LINA can be submitted to the BRE Global EPD programme to obtain third-party verified EN 15804 compliant EPD. LINA has been developed by BRE in collaboration with the PRé Sustainability team, with applied expert knowledge as developers and owners of LCA software SimaPro.

More about LINA

The benefits of LINA will be showcased on the 28th June at the EPD event Declaring your Data being held at St Gobain Multi-Comfort Visitor Centre, London. Register to hear a case study of LINA in-use by Kevin Underwood (Technical Director, British Woodworking Federation) and a workshop on what more LCA tools, like LINA, can do for the users by Dr Owen Abbe (BRE).

More about fact-based sustainablity software solutions

The expertise and life cycle thinking that has made SimaPro successful is part and parcel of our software development approach. If you have any questions at all about LINA 2.0 or other of our custom sustainability software options, please contact PRé Managing Director Eric Mieras. Or get in touch with one of us, we will be happy to talk to you.

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