PRé at LCA XIII Conference in Orlando

PRE North America recently participated in the LCA XIII conference held in Orlando, FL. The LCA XIII conference is the leading LCA event in North America, and brings together individuals from business, government, and academia to review the latest developments in the LCA industry.

LCA XIII - American Center for Life Cycle AssessmentDuring the event, PRé hosted a workshop for a select number of invitees. Attendees included representatives from global manufacturers, life cycle sustainability experts, and leading academics in the field of sustainable management. The workshop, titled “Sustainable Value Chain Management”, allowed participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges that sustainability managers face every day. Participants shared their perspectives on the current state of sustainable value chain management, and discussed how the landscape is changing.


Cash East, Technical Specialist at the PRé office in the US, also presented on the topic of “Developing a Social Life Cycle Inventory Database”. PRé is a leader in the development of Social LCA, and the development of the Social LCI database is a part of that effort. The Social LCI database project is an internal effort led by PRé, that isaimed at mining multiple government and private databases to compile data specifically covering the direct social impacts, both positive and negative, that occur as a result of business operations.

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