PRé at Life Cycle Management Conference 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden

This year, the 6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2013) takes place in Gothenburg from August 25 to 28. PRé will present their latest developments in life cycle assessment: Social Sustainability Metrics and Impact Assessments will be part of the LCM scientific program. PRé will also give a sneak preview of SimaPro 8.

PRé at LCM Management Conference 2013 - Latest Developments in Social Sustainability and Impact Assessment Methods


Life Cycle Management is Life Cycle Thinking

The presentations of the PRé consultants about Social Sustainability Metrics and Impact Assessments complement the idea behind the Life Cycle Management conference. LCM focuses on the application of life cycle assessment in business. This ensures a good balance between science and application. It brings the opportunity of implementing life cycle approaches into business strategy and decision-making, aiming to improve the sustainability performance of production and consumption. The LCM conference offers a platform where sustainability professionals from academy, industry, NGOs and public bodies bring extensive experience on how to transform sustainability into business value. 


LCM Scientific Program | Presentations by PRé Consultants


  • Round table for Social Metrics. Tuesday August 27, 8.30-10.00 a.m.

João Fontes, sustainability consultant,  is presenting the Social Pioneers round table. This round table is an initiative of experts from a group of companies, who are all involved in the implementation of social sustainability metrics. The members aim to harmonize key principles and metrics for social impact assessment, to share and align with other global initiatives, and to collaborate during an implementation phase. João presents the initial results and the plan for the future of the round table for Social Metrics.

  • Social Assessment of Technologies: The innovative Approach of PROSUITE. Wednesday August 28, 8.30-10.00 a.m.

Another presentation by João Fontes is about PROSUITE. This FP7 project aims to develop a well-accepted and robust methodology and software to assess the sustainability impacts of technologies. This methodology should enable stakeholders to make decisions that take into account potential economical, social and environmental impacts of technologies. The development of the social assessment and  its integration in the PROSUITE framework will be presented.


  • Assessing Abiotic Resource scarcity with LCA. Tuesday August 27, 3.30-5.00 p.m.

Tommie Ponsioen, technical consultant, will give a presentation on the life cycle impact assessment method developed for impacts caused by fossil and mineral resource use. This presentation will give an insight into the results of the LC-IMPACT research project conducted at PRé by Marisa Vieira, Tommie Ponsioen and Mark Goedkoop.

Mark Goedkoop, executive director, will be acting as chairman of the session entitled ‘Metrics behind the management of supply chains’.


PRé at LCM Conference | Visit our Side Room Sessions

During the conference, you can find us at booth number 4. Here you can meet our consultants, ask questions and watch the SimaPro demo. On the first floor there is a PRé meeting room (in post 5), which will also be used for some interesting sessions by our consultants, including a sneakpreview of SimaPro 8. 


Monday, August 26:

5.10-6.10 p.m. Sneak Preview | What is new in SimaPro 8. By Marisa Vieira and Tommy Ponsioen


Tuesday, August 27:

1.00-1.30 p.m. SimaPro easy Roadmap. Presentation by Michael Moore.
5.10-6.10 p.m. Sneak Preview | What is new in SimaPro 8. By Marisa Vieira and Tommy Ponsioen


Feel free to drop by for a session or to meet our people.


Meet our People at the LCM Conference

  • Mark Goedkoop, founder PRé
  • Marisa Vieira, senior technical consultant
  • Tommie Ponsioen, technical consultant
  • João Fontes, sustainability consultant
  • Michael Moore, product owner
  • Iris Herder, marketing and sales director
  • Anneke Haringsma, sales manager

Marisa Vieira

Principal Consultant

The time of the industrial revolution is over. Now it is time for the green revolution to go full steam ahead! Everybody needs to be involved in this process, therefore I aim to guide individuals and businesses in understanding the trade-offs between impacts. This will help them make informed decisions, which will truly help sustainable living thrive."

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