PRé collaborates with University of Zagreb | LCA of ECO-SANDWICH® wall panels

The University of Zagreb asked PRé to do an LCA of innovative ECO-SANDWICH® wall panels, developed for fast construction of energy-efficient buildings on a large scale. This will generate valuable insights for Croatian businesses and scientific institutes, regarding the environmental performance of the wall panels.

Investing in fact-based sustainability

The ECO-SANDWICH® wall panel is an energy-efficient sandwich facade panel made of recycled and innovative materials. It was developed as a possible technological solution for fast and sustainable construction and is intended to be used in residential as well as commercial buildings. To understand the environmental performance of the wall panels before introducing them on the European market, the Croatian group of scientific institutes and businesses that developed them asked PRé to do a PCR-compliant LCA.

Communicating environmental performance and testing scenarios

A questionnaire was developed to gather the information needed for the study, which used leading sustainability software SimaPro to determine the impact of an ECO-SANDWICH® wall panel throughout its life cycle. As a result, the Croatian group now has full product transparency, compliant to the PCR standard. This makes it possible to compare ECO-SANDWICH® with similar products and use the results in B2B communication. In addition, the results also showed that ECO-SANDWICH® impacts can be reduced by up to 3% if the panels are used in countries with more mineral wool and concrete recycling.

For more information, please read the full case study.

Laura Golsteijn

Senior Consultant

I am eager to increase the environmental awareness of our society, and I believe that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world, every day. At PRé we provide companies with both the knowledge and the tools to improve their products and services. I am excited to work for an organisation that is involved in developing sustainable initiatives.

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