PRé is the platinum sponsor of the Life Cycle Management 2017 conference in Luxembourg

The 8th edition of the international Life Cycle Management conference, recognised as one of the most important conferences in the field of sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, is going to be held this year in Luxembourg. LCM 2017 will take place from 3 to 6 september at the European Congress Center, hosting decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies worldwide. PRé Sustainability is proud to be present as Platinum Sponsor.

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Amersfoort, The Netherlands – June 12th, 2017

Luxembourg – home of the Life Cycle Management conference in 2017

Life Cycle Management (LCM) 2017 is an international conference to be held from 03 to 06 September 2017 at the European Congress Center in Luxembourg Kirchberg. The LCM series is established as one of the major rounds of international conferences in the field of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The unique feature of LCM is to develop practical solutions for the implementation of lifecycle approaches in strategic and operational decision-making. The aim of this cycle of conferences is to bring together decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies worldwide.

From Science to Innovation in 2017

This is the 8th edition of this event, which takes place every two years. This year, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is chairing the conference, in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and ArcelorMittal. LCM 2017 is expected to host more than 650 participants from more than 40 countries on the theme “Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies: From Science to Innovation”. The organizing committee promotes the participation of stakeholders from the Greater Region, through an attractive programme for SMEs, industries and public bodies. It will aim at demonstrating the implementation of lifecycle and circular economy approaches along businesses value chain. A B2match system will be in place, to organize in advance B2B meetings during the conference. The participation of several high level keynote speakers and visionary leaders in the domain is planned. Entries are open, interested visitors can register for the conference.

Meet the PRé team at LCM 2017 – Activities and topics

PRé Sustainability is proud to be present a LCM 2017 as a Platinum Sponsor. PRé’s team is actively participating and collaborating to interesting sessions. On September 6th, starting at 10.30 Eric Mieras, PRé’s Managing Director, will be chairing the session ‘Turning the lens around: LCA Success Stories “outside-in”‘. On the same day, at 14.00 hrs. Mark Goedkoop, founder of PRé, is chairing the session on the controversial topic ‘I have a dream: Open Marketplace for Life Cycle approaches!’. Moreover, PRé’s team will be available for SimaPro and LCA Q&A, and presenting posters about highly discussed topics such as circular economy, biodiversity and toxicity, among other.

Get in touch if you want to setup a meeting already. We’d love to hear from you!

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