PRé Introduces SimaPro 8, for Improved Sustainability Metrics Integration

November 4, 2013 – Amsterdam - PRé is pleased to announce the release of SimaPro 8, the latest version of our cutting-edge life cycle assessment software. This new iteration includes the ecoinvent 3 database, the dataset widely used to empower decision-making with sustainability metrics. This collaboration allows users to access new modeling approaches, market processes, and datasets. New to SimaPro are the water footprinting methods and a completely new calculation engine to accommodate the significantly larger database ecoinvent 3.

“As a strong believer and supporter of sustainability metrics integration, I am proud to present this newest release in life cycle assessment software,” said PRé Founder Mark Goedkoop. In particular, Goedkoop said, “SimaPro version 8 now runs five to ten times faster, supporting the additional calculations ecoinvent 3 requires. Quite an achievement for a life cycle assessment software tool already known to be one of the fastest available in sustainability metrics.”

SimaPro is the world’s leading LCA software, as chosen by industries, consultants, and universities in more than 80 countries around the world. A professional, all-in-one tool, SimaPro allows users to calculate carbon footprints, develop Environmental Product Declarations, and determine key performance indicators, among other uses.

And now with ecoinvent 3, SimaPro 8 is set to be an even more powerful tool to assist in lifecycle integration. Ecoinvent 3 boasts many upgrades, including two data libraries that allow for new modeling approaches, either consequential or allocation. The addition of market processes will provide users with better overviews of large networks. Significant amounts of new data were also added, of particular note are the water footprint datasets, as well as new types of transport, cement production, chemical production, horticultural, and other agricultural production processes.

Goedkoop is enthusiastic about ecoinvent’s newest iteration. “Ecoinvent 3’s new structure is designed to make it much easier to develop regionalized models, positioning ecoinvent to become the basis for a truly international dataset. I believe there is no arguing; the new ecoinvent database is the basis for the future of Life Cycle Assessment software and sustainability metrics,” he said.

PRé worked so diligently to ensure that ecoinvent 3 was seamlessly woven into SimaPro 8. “We carefully analyzed and checked the consequences of all the ecoinvent 3 innovations for our users,” Goedkoop explained. “This meant we have been working hard to create a seamless integration with existing data models, but also to provide guidance to our users.”

All of these improvements will assist the life cycle community in furthering their goals. “With SimaPro 8 you have the best access to future success,” Goedkoop said, and as always, he reminds SimaPro users, “You can be sure our support team and our partners are ready to help you as always.”

About PRé

Dedicated to putting the metrics behind sustainability, PRé has been a leader in life-cycle thinking and life cycle assessment software for 25 years. In that time, PRé has helped to develop the fields of sustainability metrics. The firm, with offices now in Europe and North America, prizes innovation, collaboration and sharing knowledge with complete transparency. With a global partner network that spans the world, PRé’s SimaPro life cycle assessment software is used in nearly 40 countries and helps organizations to integrate sustainability metrics. PRé also developed the widely used applied impact assessment methods ReCiPe and Eco-Indicator 99, and has participated in many global sustainability initiatives. For more on PRé, visit

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