PROSUITE makes sustainability assessment of technologies possible

The PROSUITE project for the sustainability assessment of technologies culminated on October 30th. After 4 years of intensive developments, the PROSUITE consortium met in Brussels to present the outcomes of the project to a diverse group of stakeholders: EU and other policy makers, industries, researchers.

Prosuite makes sustainability assessment of technologies possiblePROSUITE, funded by the EU, has developed a methodology and a decision support system for sustainability assessment of technologies. PROSUITE supports decision making in different levels, from policy making to research and industry applications. The novelty of the framework proposed by PROSUITE is that it includes five sustainability dimensions: human health, well-being, natural resources, resource depletion and prosperity. In addition, it allows sustainability assessment on both present and future scenarios.


During the meeting in Brussels, the work package leaders presented what has been developed for the assessment of each one of the five dimensions, and the integration of those dimensions. In addition, the case study leaders presented the results of the sustainability assessments that they carried out to both support the development and test the methodology. The case studies clearly illustrated that PROSUITE can be applied in different areas of technologies, including nanotechnologies, mobile phones, biorefineries, and carbon storage and sequestration.


PRé was one member of the PROSUITE consortium. We co-developed the social assessment, assisted the software development and authored the final PROSUITE handbook. 


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João Fontes


João Fontes joined the Consultancy team in 2008, focussing on social sustainability. He co-initiated the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics. João worked at PRé from 2008 to 2016.

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