Responsible Innovation at SETAC Europe

The theme of this year’s SETAC Europe meeting, an innovative event featuring new LCA research, is ‘Building a better future: Responsible innovation and environmental protection.’ And isn’t that what PRé is all about?


The theme of this year’s SETAC Europe meeting, an innovative event featuring new LCA research, is ‘Building a better future: Responsible innovation and environmental protection.’ And isn’t that what PRé is all about?

With more than two decades of experience, PRé knows where the field of life cycle assessment (LCA) stands — and where it is going. One of the few consultancies with a long-term dedication to LCA, PRé closely follows scientific developments pertaining to sustainability, helping us to gain a reputation as a scientifically robust and yet pragmatic company.


Which is why between 12 and 16 May, PRé attended the 23rd SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Glasgow. SETAC is the perfect opportunity to learn about developments in the LCA field, such as in water impact assessment. We also learn how to be one step ahead, making sure PRé knows what is being developed. This way, we can steer the development of our services and LCA tools, like SimaPro, in the correct direction. SETAC is also a useful platform to exchange ideas with the LCA community, often resulting in long and gratifying collaborations.

Special session outcomes LC-IMPACT

At the conference, PRé co-hosted a special session on May 15 at 16:30, presenting the outcomes of the European LC-IMPACT project. PRé actively contributed both research and dissemination activities to this project.


Marisa Vieira, Senior Technical Consultant for PRé


If you are interested in more information about this topic and project, e-mail our Technical Consultant Tommie Ponsioen or send us a message:



About SETAC 2013

12-16 May 2013 | Building a better future: Responsible innovation and environmental protection

The task of protecting the global environment whilst also enabling the innovative use of chemicals and other substances in new technologies, industry or agriculture is a grand challenge. For SETAC, this is a challenge we relish, and finding innovative solutions to environmental issues is ever more important in the current economic climate. This international conference brings together experts from government, industry, consultancy, and academia together to meet this challenge. The conference will show case cutting edge, high quality science that informs on environmental risk assessments as well as policy – and in the end, on how we all look after our planet.

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About LC-Impact

LC-IMPACT is an acronym for development and application of environmental Life Cycle Impact assessment Methods for imProved sustAinability Characterisation of Technologies. LC-IMPACT is a three  year continuing project, which aims to develop and further improve upon life cycle impact assessment methods, characterisation factors and normalisation factors in a coherent and scientifically sound way. It complements and builds upon the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) work done in the context of the European platform for LCA and the UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.


Case Studies context

The methodological improvements will be demonstrated in the context of three case studies:

  • food production (margarine, fresh tomatoes and fish) 
  • paper production and printing 
  • car production and operation



  • Develop new impact assessment methods for categories that are not (commonly) included in life cycle impact assessments and categories for which model uncertainties are very high i.e. land use, water exploitation, resource use and noise
  • Provide spatially explicit characterization factors based on a global scale for land use, water exploitation, toxicants, priority air pollutants and nutrients
  • Provide quantitative information on various sources of uncertainty in life cycle impact assessment methods and corresponding factors


The project duration is from 1st December 2009 until 31st May 2013.

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Tommie Ponsioen

Tommie worked for PRé as a Technical Consultant from 2012 until 2015. As a part of the Consultancy Team, he worked with databases and methods. Tommie collaborated in projects such as Prosuite and improving the ReCiPe method.

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