SimaPro 8 | What’s new in 8.0.4?

SimaPro version 8.0.4 has just been released. It includes the new ecoinvent database, v3.1, which now contains more processes and has some important bug fixes. In addition, SimaPro now contains a new water footprint method. This is a summary of the most important updates. For a complete overview, please download the manual.

Download the manual


Key Features

  • ecoinvent v3.1 database – many new datasets with over 10.000 background life cycle inventory processes in 3 systems models 
  • Introducing WAVE by Berger et al. – a complementary water footprint method.
  • Original SimaPro 7 waste treatment processes – Be sure to read the update instructions to revert to this popular practice without the need to use double negatives for ecoinvent wastes.
  • Projects to Libraries Links Manager to assist you in the update of projects to new ecoinvent libraries.


Integration Of ecoinvent V3.1

The ecoinvent Centre released the v3.1 libraries in July 2014, and these have now been implemented in SimaPro. Below, we briefly describe the main improvements in v3.1.


Allocation system model

ecoinvent v3.1 has a new system model called Allocation, recycled content. This system model uses the same attributional and cut-off approach as is used in the ecoinvent v2 database. The cut-off approach means that primary production of materials is always allocated to the primary user of a material. If a material is recycled, the primary producer does not receive any credit for the provision of any recyclable materials. The consequence is that recyclable materials are available burden-free to recycling processes and secondary (recycled) materials bear only the impacts of the recycling processes. Also, producers of wastes do not receive any credit for the recycling or re-use of products resulting out of any waste treatment.


New processes

Many new products and processes have been added to various categories of the ecoinvent database. The most important ones are:

  • wood products
  • energy processes
  • chemicals
  • building materials
  • agricultural products
  • metals
  • waste treatment
  • transport


Calculate cumulative energy and exergy demand

It is now once again possible to calculate the cumulative energy demand and cumulative exergy demand with processes from the ecoinvent v3 database. This option was absent in versions 3.0 and 3.0.1 of ecoinvent.


Bug fixes

Many electricity production datasets for hydro power lacked an output of water, even though they did have an input for turbine water. In ecoinvent v3.1, the water balance is corrected by adding the water output to these datasets.


New Water Footprint Method WAVE

A new water footprint method completes the set of water footprint methods in SimaPro. WAVE, the water footprint method from Berger et al.  is now available in the method library. The WAVE model (Water Accounting and Vulnerability Evaluation) aims to enhance the analysis of fresh water consumption and the resulting consequences along a product’s supply chain. The method uses weighted averages for the regional factors, based on Pacific Institute’s data on freshwater withdrawal by country.


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Michiel Oele

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My interest in sustainability started when I was five years old. I found a chair and could not understand why someone would throw it away. Forty years later, I still use it. As there are many shades of green, my motivation is in helping companies make the right decisions regarding product development.

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