PRé acting as Technical Helpdesk for the testing of Environmental Footprint rules

PRé has been selected to act as Technical Helpdesk for the European Commission's 3-year pilot project that aims to define Environmental Footprint Rules. These rules contribute to LCA methodologies that compare similar products and organizations.

Launch of the three-year pilot phase for testing of Environmental Footprint rules

The European Commission developed two life cycle assessment-based methodologies: Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF). They could potentially allow for the comparison of similar products and organizations and, as a result, be applied in the market as a tool to differentiate products and organizations. Comparison is only possible however if PEF Category Rules (PEFCRs) or OEF Sector Rules (OEFSRs) are developed. The development of the first PEFCRs and OEFSRs will take place in the framework of a three-year testing period by volunteering organizations.

Objectives of the Environmental Footprint pilot phase

The pilot phase aims at setting up and validating the process of the development of PEFCRs and OEFSRs, including the development of environmental benchmarks. Another important objective is to test the communication of life cycle environmental performance information to different target audiences and to test different methods of verification.

PRé’s role in the Environmental Footprint pilot phase

PRé has been selected in partnership with Ecofys and RDC Environment to act as the Technical Helpdesk of the Environmental Footprint rules three-year pilot phase. As part of this consortium, PRé will coordinate and provide training to the volunteers participating in the pilots. PRé is also responsible for developing a web workspace for each pilot and for encouraging stakeholder participation. Additionally, PRé will give technical assistance to some of the pilots.

If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact Marisa Vieira.

Marisa Vieira

Principal Consultant

The time of the industrial revolution is over. Now it is time for the green revolution to go full steam ahead! Everybody needs to be involved in this process, therefore I aim to guide individuals and businesses in understanding the trade-offs between impacts. This will help them make informed decisions, which will truly help sustainable living thrive."

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