The state of LCA in business

To accelerate the adoption rate of fact-based LCA, we conducted a study to find out which are the struggles and drivers that are moving LCA practitioners in the business arena. This infographic is based on the most relevant outcomes from our study 'The State of LCA in Business in 2014'.

At PRé, we’re committed to empowering LCA and sustainability practitioners to increase their impact. Life cycle thinking can make sustainability decisions more fact-based. We see that as the main prerequisite to making sustainability an integrated and mainstream part of business and society. Of course, people who believe in sustainability are already convinced. Now, we have to convince the rest of the world. Sympathy alone is not sufficient – facts are essential. Facts give people something to trust in, opening up new perspectives for action.

To accelerate the adoption rate of fact-based LCA, we surveyed 274 respondents in 28 countries to find out what LCA champions struggle with and are driven by in their organisations. In this infographic, we share the current state of LCA and what it takes for practitioners to become a champion who delivers value to the business.

View the complete study State of LCA in Business in 2014.

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Eric Mieras

Managing Director

Sustainability is all about impact. Positive impact makes you meaningful. But first you have to know where you are making an impact and where you can create shared value. That’s where PRé comes in. Pinpointing your impact is an essential starting point for taking joint action with people and organisations in your ecosystem. The combination of sustainability and social business can make a real change in the way we do business.

Alba Espinosa van de Bunt

Alba Espinosa van de Bunt worked at PRé as a Content Marketing Specialist from 2012 until 2018. As a member of the Marketing team, she did excellent work in design and marketing communications and contributed with her experience to both strategic and operational aspects.

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