SimaPro Tips & Tricks | The Network Tab

Watch the video on how to use the Network tab of the result window.

How do I get the most out of the result window?

When you analyze processes or product stages in SimaPro, you arrive at a results window that offers a number of options to view and interpret your results.

In this video, we will explore the Network tab of the results window and take a closer look at a few of the functions it offers:

1:08 ‘Indicator type’ filter
3:21 Show aggregated results
4:19 Create a Sankey diagram
5:05 Show node details
6:02 Show input and output flows
6:53 Visual display options

Ruba Dolfing Fanous

Senior Customer Service Specialist

It is inspiring to work with people and organizations that are creating real change. From the innovators to the followers, every effort counts towards a more sustainable world!

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