Luz Ariana Araoz Romero

Digital Solutions Analyst

I believe that what cannot be measured cannot be improved. That is why I see metrics as the key to leading sustainability transitions. Organizations that possess factual information about where their greatest sustainability opportunities lay, will designate more efficiently their resources to engage in concrete progress. LCAs provide science-based information to help and accelerate businesses’ sustainability agendas.

Luz Ariana Araoz Romero

As a Digital Solutions Analyst in PRé, Luz’s focus is on introducing and bringing out-of-the-box and easy-to-use tools to businesses that assist them in understanding the environmental impacts of their products. In this way, the tools, based on LCA modeling, provide insights with a strong scientific base to businesses and serve as drivers of change.

Before coming to the Netherlands, Luz worked in operational sales in multinational retail environments of FMCG in Mexico City for 6 years. She was Key Account Executive for local wholesalers and convenience stores. As well as undertake direct negotiations with clients of different retail environments. Her first approach to a waste management project was when she led the development of a sales promotional material matrix project to reduce waste and cost of production of point of sales materials. Later on, she decided to pursue a master’s degree that combined her interest in sustainability with her corporate environment acumen in order to be able to support companies in their sustainability journey.

Luz graduated from her MSc in Sustainable Business and Innovation from the University of Utrecht (UU) in summer 2021. During her studies, she was introduced to LCAs in her course of Environmental Assessment and Management Approaches. She was especially interested in LCAs since it was a tool that provided companies the capacity to understand and assess the environmental impacts of their products, and where those impacts were.