I believe every organization can drive positive change. Although a strong sense of purpose is an excellent start, data-driven insights are essential to make informed choices and turn strategy into meaningful action. Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing an organization’s sustainability journey go from ‘complicated’ to targeted, integrated and strategic - creating a real impact where it matters most!

Rozemarijn van den Brink

As a Senior Consultant, Rozemarijn oversees a variety of projects in the corporate sector and for the European Commission and coordinates the Consultancy team.

Rozemarijn has a long and international background of working in corporate sustainability. Prior to working at PRé, Rozemarijn worked for Sustainable Food Group in the United States, working with food companies on creating high-impact sustainability outcomes on and off the field and leading a team of talented change-makers. Before that, Rozemarijn worked on a variety of purpose-driven projects for companies in Melbourne, Australia and lectured at the University of Melbourne. Her sustainability journey started in 2011 at the Global Sustainability department of ING Bank, where she worked on the bank’s global sustainability strategy and stakeholder engagement activities for five years.

Her areas of expertise include corporate sustainability strategy, ESG, biodiversity, regenerative agriculture and leadership.