I started working with LCA because I was determined to find out whether the processes I designed in the lab would not only be economically feasible but also benefit the environment. Soon, LCA took hold, making me assess many aspects of my daily life. I see overconsumption wherever I look and I would like to help companies understand and minimize their impacts while leaving them free to develop their products.

Kasia has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Biotechnology, with a focus on biomass conversion and enzymology. As a consultant, her tasks include implementing databases and impact assessment methods, providing support for SimaPro customers and conducting LCA studies. Her analytical mindset and way with numbers help her navigate through large amounts of data efficiently and effectively.

Before joining PRé, Kasia worked on a project calculating the carbon footprint of milk production in several European countries. Researching conditions for dairy farming in four EU countries was just one part of this large study.

In Kasia’s Master’s thesis, her interest for a sustainable world was combined with her love for coffee – she developed a biorefinery that converted coffee waste into antioxidants, bioethanol and biogas. LCA became an important tool for her to navigate the difficult choices during the process and find the best overall model for the environment.

Articles by Katarzyna Cenian