I believe that with the right information, any organization or individual can make a positive change and contribute to a more sustainable society and a safer future for all. I enjoy building meaningful relationships, and communicating with people about how to integrate sustainability into business, government, and society, and am incredibly happy that this has become my career.

As a Junior Sales Advisor, Phoebe’s work includes supporting the new business development and sales process of SimaPro, and managing accounts by building relationships with customers amongst other things. Utilizing her skills and experience in sales, marketing, and operations in the tourism and entertainment industry in Australia, combined with her education and passion for sustainability, Phoebe is committed to helping organizations to address their sustainable challenges, and create a better future.

Before joining PRé, Phoebe lived and worked in multiple countries following her passion for travel, nature and learning from others. This contributed to her decision to return to study in the Netherlands and build on her industry knowledge within Europe, obtaining a Master of Science degree in Environment & Society Studies from Radboud University, specializing in Global Environment and Sustainability. As part of her honors lab at Radboud University, she is co-authoring an article in a peer-reviewed journal. Phoebe also holds a Bachelor of Science from Deakin University in Australia.