We live in highly interconnected systems. By using science and tools, we can learn to understand the dynamics between those systems – and what we can improve and where to do better. I strongly believe that we need interdisciplinarity to solve today’s challenges: improve how we deal with our environment, and by that improve our economy and our society. We need to take responsibility into our hands and change the status quo.

As an Analyst at PRé, Marina aims at helping a variety of stakeholders from different fields to make more informed decisions in their daily practices based on life cycle thinking to reduce the impact of their products and services. She is passionate about driving systemic transitions and making them more accessible to various stakeholders with the help of quantitative tools and analytical thinking.

Marina has an MSc in Industrial Ecology from TU Delft and Leiden University in the Netherlands and a BSc in Development Studies from Lund University in Sweden. The interdisciplinary viewpoint on human development laid the foundation for her interest in making our human systems more sustainable and more future-proof. During her masters, she focused on the techno-economic potentials of high-temperature heat pumps for industrial decarbonization and investigated the necessary political framework conditions to enable transitions.

Articles by Marina Dumont