Harry van Ewijk

Product & Support Specialist

Companies often focus on their direct environmental impact, while most of the impact might be upstream (purchasing) or downstream (use, discard). I like to provide this insight along the value chain for efficient improvement. LCA is usually the best tool for this.

Harry joined PRé in June 2022. As a Product and Support Specialist at PRé Harry can utilize his 25+ years of experience as a SimaPro user to assist customers and colleagues with their modelling, methodological and practical questions regarding SimaPro.

Before joining PRé, Harry worked for over 5 years as a senior consultant at SGS Search on LCA.

Harry has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. After graduation, he joined the Interfaculty Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Amsterdam to conduct his first LCAs. He worked at IVAM UvA B.V. for over 20 years as an LCA researcher and consultant for producing companies, industry organizations and governmental organizations mainly in the building & construction sector and waste management. Especially in the early days Life Cycle Inventory data gathered during projects was made available for third parties in SimaPro format for which Harry was responsible.