Veronica Grace

Junior Customer Service Specialist

I believe that sustainability should no longer be seen as an option, but an imperative. Thus, promoting the transition to accountable and sustainable living has always been a topic that is close to my heart. By combining my passion for sustainability with powerful fact-based measurements, I am keen to contribute to solving environmental issues and help businesses reach their utmost potentials.

As a Junior Customer Service Specialist at PRè, Veronica is responsible for providing support to clients along with conducting model testing. The perfect balance between analytical and social exposure makes the role feel especially rewarding as she can integrate her knowledge to help people initiate more sustainability practices.

Veronica holds an MSc degree in Industrial Ecology from Leiden University and TU Delft as well as a B.Eng in Bioengineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. The beauty of life sciences in combination with the science of sustainability equip her to identify the potential in making industrial systems work in the manner of natural system through a systematic approach. To this, she has gained several experiences in sustainability assessment and performance improvement from various industrial sectors.