I’m enthusiastic about working with life cycle assessment because it provides a structured solution for analyzing the impact of products. Thereby, it is an essential starting point for making improvements, coming up with innovative solutions, and driving change. And change is needed. We cannot keep taking from the planet and future generations as we have been doing over the last few decades, without giving back.

Rosan has an MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the University of Twente. During her masters, she specialized in Management of Production Development and got into touch with life cycle assessment. Within this subject, she found a match between her background in product development, her drive to contribute to a better world, and her analytical and creative skills.

She has a special interest in the social aspect of sustainability. It was also expressed in her master thesis which was about combining social and environmental LCA. This research aimed to combine the two LCA approaches, and a conceptual social impact assessment method which she applied to different case studies. At PRé she will continue to work on projects related to social LCA, as well as on other LCA and pioneering projects. Before joining PRé, Rosan worked at a social enterprise that is specialized in measuring and valuing sustainability impact.

Articles by Rosan Harmens