Synnøve Hjellvik

Junior Customer Service Specialist

As humans, we need to learn the most profound ideas of this world, and to me, it is that life is kept in balance and reinvented continuously. That is true sustainability! Just as in nature, sustainability needs to be integrated into every part of the system and for us, that means governments, business, work, and personal life. This is why I choose to work with sustainability and want to help others integrate it into their products and services.

Synnøve started at PRé in the spring of 2019. As an intern, she developed several demonstration examples for the SimaPro online platform and gained a great deal of knowledge about both technical aspects of the platform and user experience. Now as a Junior Customer Service Specialist she is dealing with questions regarding the platform as well as developing learning material.

Previously, Synnøve was working for several years as an Authorized Veterinary Nurse in Norway. However, as she grew more and more aware of the world’s larger problems, she took the step to dig deeper into sustainability and found a passion within Life Cycle Analysis. She has gained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the Avans University of Applied Science and is excited to extend the knowledge of Life Cycle Analysis to more people through helping them with SimaPro.