Caspar Honée

Sustainability Solutions Architect

I like to build bridges between technology and business and contribute with digital solutions to challenges of great relevance. At PRé and with PRé partners I am delighted to work with great people in a dynamic international context. By providing the underpinning data, metrics, and tools we enable companies to make better informed clean-tech decisions every day. Helping companies with sustainability questions gives me energy and yields a positive impact.

Caspar is a Sustainability Solutions Architect developing and implementing technology for companies that want improved insights into the impact of their products and supply chains. Specialized in system analysis, Caspar has helped producers, brands and retailers to understand the origin and quality of their products through data collection, footprinting and collaborative data exchange systems that span full supply chain networks.

Currently, his focus is on bringing to market easy-to-use tools that can accelerate reaching goals on the sustainability agenda while relying on science-based information to drive the course of action. Examples of these are the new comprehensive SimaPro web-based packaging, plastics and textile tools.

Caspar holds a Bachelor in Technology Management from the University of applied science in Amsterdam and a Master of Science in Environmental Technology from Mid Sweden University where Caspar has taught LCA at the associated bachelor’s program.

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