I believe that incorporating sustainability in every decision we make, will have a positive impact on our lives. In order to make informed decisions, we need to make reliable information accessible for everybody. I want to provide information to support people’s needs. Making a positive impact is what motivates me most!

Daniël holds a dual MSc in Industrial Ecology from TU Delft and the Centre of Environmental Science of Leiden University. He also has an MSc degree in Political Science.

During his studies in Industrial Ecology he gained knowledge of various research methodologies for measuring sustainability and environmental impact, including Life Cycle Analysis. He put the theory in practice by performing an LCA on the environmental impact of phosphate recycling for a Dutch water authority. Furthermore he focused on environmental input-output analysis, climate ethics and renewable energy systems. Before joining PRé, Daniël worked in the Solar Energy Industry where he was powering lives with sunshine.

Currently at PRé he is working on Life Cycle Assessment, Product Environmental Footprint and Biodiversity.

Articles by Daniël Kan