I learned about sustainability when I was invited to PRé for an interview. After reading the website I realized what kind of company PRé is and what PRé stands for. It immediately caught my attention. I was always aware that we had to work on a cleaner world. I am convinced that, if you make your program known worldwide to integrate sustainability into companies, we are all working to keep the world liveable for our children and grandchildren. So I was very pleased that I could work for a company like PRé. I like my work at PRé and every day I learn a little bit more about sustainability. I can now contribute to the development of a sustainable world.

As an office assistant, Petra is responsible for optimal general support to all the departments and management. She also contributes to a pleasant, optimal and healthy work environment for all employees. Petra is working at PRé since 2016. She had the chance to meet almost all partners during the partner meeting of 2017.

Petra has worked for over 15 years at different offices, as an office assistant and secretary. She worked for over 9 years at different stores, as an office assistant and sales. She worked for a few years as a beauty specialist and a food advisor.