I searched for a company where its people share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, but which also has meaningful projects with a positive impact on lives. PRé is helping me to contribute to a more sustainable world. By giving companies the tools for helping them to make better choices for the environment, I know that my work can make a difference for our health but also our planet.

As a Senior Developer, Steven uses his experience to improve processes, application architecture, and set best practices. He’s also mentoring other members of the software team and is making sure that people’s careers are growing in the direction they aim. Keeping a big-picture view on the projects lets him focus more on the humans than the code, and ensure that everything is moving forward.

Previously, Steven worked in various fields such as education, digital signage, finances, and hold diverse roles. Mentoring has always been a common thread, and PRé allows him to focus on this aspect. As he has served different roles throughout his career, Steven generally has a good understanding of stakeholder perspectives and the effects choices can have on people and deliverables.

Steven studied Civil Engineering and Web Development, with a focus on open-source solutions. During his previous positions, he also developed skills in Web Design and User Experience. He’s now focusing on delivering accessible and user-friendly applications, and his curiosity forces him to always look for something new to learn.