Alina Li

Digital Solutions Analyst

The urgency to combat environmental degradation and climate change drives me to create a tangible impact on people and the environment. Businesses and organizations hold immense power to advance – or halt – the progress towards sustainability. I want to unlock their capacity for positive change by quantifying environmental impacts at every stage of production and consumption to ultimately help them transition to a circular economy.

As a Digital Solutions Analyst at PRé, Alina works on the technological implementation of the SimaPro software across different projects and sectors – translating the needs of clients into LCA models and tools.

Prior to joining PRé, Alina worked with ESG impact measurement and reporting for investors and venture capital firms to combat greenwashing through transparency and accountability of businesses and organizations.

Alina graduated from Leiden University College with a BSc in Earth, Energy, and Sustainability, focusing on sustainable governance and development fueled by scientifically grounded decision-making and systems thinking. As a research assistant at a Leiden University research clinic, she helped to develop a solution to reduce medical household hazardous waste.