“Meeting the needs of current generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. The quote from the Norwegian prime-minister Gro Harlem Brundtland defined sustainable development in 1987 and, despite being written 8 years before my birth, has been relevant ever since, both to the world and to me. At the moment societies are still struggling to be sustainable and we are putting great pressure at planet Earth’s carrying capacity, endangering the ability of future generations to meet their needs. To relieve the planet from these pressures, I dedicate myself to support green decision making, allowing for real sustainable development to happen and, most important, for future generations that can meet their needs!

As a Consultant at PRé, Hendrik applies his systematic, problem-solving mind-set to evaluate environmental impacts on all scales by conducting LCAs and thereby allowing real sustainable development to happen. At the same time, he is conducting research to further deepen his specialization, by developing a methodology for businesses to assess their absolute sustainable performance.

Hendrik gained knowledge of various elements of environmental engineering during his studies, including life cycle assessment. Within the field of LCA, he specialized in absolute sustainability, the planetary boundaries and the application of ethical theories into assessment methodologies.

Hendrik holds a BSc in (bio)chemical engineering from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and a MSc from the Technical University of Denmark. He was also one of the EIT Climate-KIC Master School students, a European Union-funded initiative to further develop young sustainability talent in climate science and innovation.

Articles by Hendrik Oosterhoff