We live in very challenging yet exciting times where the actions of both individuals and large organizations could significantly reduce the impacts of climate change. With my skills in modeling and policy analysis, I would like to help organizations scale their environmental impact and take steps towards sustainable future.

At PRé, Ruchik’s work focuses on conducting LCA for companies, biodiversity footprint and automated EPDs.

Ruchik obtained his MSc degree in Engineering and Policy Analysis from TU Delft in 2020. During his studies, he gained knowledge of different modeling and simulation tools to tackle grand challenges like climate change, poverty, migration, etc. Before joining PRé, Ruchik also worked on his master thesis at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology where he developed a method to downscale the resource consumption data from the national level to the local level of cities so that the environmental impacts of cities can be quantified. He applied the method to the city of the Hague.

Articles by Ruchik Patel