Coming from the Global South has given me unique exposure to sustainability as an enabler for development and its complex interactions with environmental and economic progress. I think it is our duty as sustainability professionals to ensure that the decisions consumers and companies make are well-informed and account for their social and environmental implications throughout the supply chain.

As an Analyst at PRé, Shaniq is working on conducting general LCA studies as well as developing a new area of social LCA through work on product social metrics and life cycle sustainability assessment.

Shaniq has an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge. Here, it became clear that decision-making power and accountability contribute largely to the sustainability agenda. It is therefore pertinent to provide accurate information in support of this. She focused on the topic of quantifying social equality metrics in urban development and its policy implications. Shaniq has a background in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town where she was first exposed to LCA.

Articles by Shaniq Pillay