I truly believe in the power of science to improve our lives, and I feel proud of working in a company that shares the same values. Here, I can really make an impact and contribute to create a better world. Sustainability is a matter of justice, so we need to work together to ensure a safe and a healthy future for us and for the next generations.

Alba joined PRé as an analyst in 2022 to perform LCA studies of different processes and products, and to work on methodology development on life cycle impact assessment (LCIA). She specializes in the circular economy application and she is interested in sustainability evaluations that include other vectors, like the economic one.

Alba is a Chemical Engineer with a focus on Environmental Engineering, and she has a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering. Her main interests are linked to valorization processes and how multifunctionality can be introduced in the LCA models. Before finishing her PhD, and before joining PRé, Alba also worked for a year in a research facility in Galicia (Spain), where she comes from. Here, the main focus was to implement the principles of circular economy in the water cycle.

Alba was focused on developing and evaluating emerging technologies in wastewater treatment and valorization. Therefore, she worked on producing biomaterials (like bioplastics or PHA) and other bioproducts, like Volatile Fatty Acids, where the aim of these previous works was not only to introduce these elements into the value chains, but also to do it in a sustainable way.

Articles by Alba Roibas Rozas