I believe a transformation through sustainability is essential for the growth and well-being of our planet. What drives me the most is the fact that we can observe tremendous growth and progress even with a small sustainable change that we can make today. I am happy that I am working towards making a positive impact by providing insights and support to organizations aiming to improve their eco-profile. It is exciting to think of the endless possibilities that we have moving forward in this direction.

As an Analyst at PRé, Sahil works on creating life cycle models and provides insights for organizations that are aiming to reduce their environmental footprint. In his role, he is enthusiastic about challenges and aims to identify new pathways towards a sustainable transition.

Sahil gained experience in the biofuels industry prior to PRé. He worked on creating a framework for sustainable fuels from a policy and sustainability standpoint through market and policy assessments.

He holds a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Sciences from the University of Groningen and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. During his Master’s, he focused on the techno-economic analysis of biofuel production form macroalgae, and on increasing the precision of atmospheric oxygen at a ppm level.