The time of the industrial revolution is over. Now it is time for the green revolution to go full steam ahead! Everybody needs to be involved in this process, therefore I aim to guide individuals and businesses in understanding the trade-offs between impacts. This will help them make informed decisions, which will truly help sustainable living thrive."

Marisa is a senior sustainability professional with an international career and significant consulting and training experience in value chain and product sustainability. She holds a PhD in Modeling Fossil and Mineral Resource Scarcity from the Radboud University of Nijmegen and an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Technology from the University of Porto.

Marisa combines excellent project management skills with hands-on expertise in environmental metrics aimed at successful business growth. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of Life Cycle Assessment, conducting and reviewing all kinds of LCA studies, from screening studies to full ISO-compliant assessments. As a principal consultant, she leads complex projects in the international arena, working with companies from a wide variety of sectors, public authorities, and branch associations. She also outlines the strategy of the Consultancy team at PRé and coaches consultancy staff.

Her areas of expertise include life cycle thinking solutions, environmental performance, product and organization environmental footprinting (PEF and OEF).

Articles by Marisa Vieira