Humanity’s impact on the planet is no longer sustainable, however, we are living in an exciting period with the opportunity to make a change. While making sustainable decisions is often complex, I hope to bring clarity and reasoning to these discussions with the power of quantitative analysis. I’m passionate about helping clients make sustainable changes most efficiently with the maximum impact.

Ellie has an MSc in Industrial Ecology from TU Delft and Leiden University and a BSc in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from Victoria University of Wellington. Her BSc showed her the impact we are having on our precious ecosystems, and her MSc trained her to apply systems thinking to explore possible solutions from a holistic perspective.

As a Consultant at PRé, Ellie is currently working on projects in a variety of sectors, predominantly conducting LCAs and making these results most accessible to the client. Ellie is excited to see companies and organizations start prioritizing and integrating sustainability into their practices, and wants to assist in making this transition as smooth as possible. Ellie hopes to make sustainability metrics accessible to non-LCA experts in a way that enables them to monitor their progress and get excited about the positive impact they can have with making changes.

Articles by Ellie Williams