Reinier Martijn Zwiep

Product Owner SimaPro

Knowledge is a beautiful asset. It got us as a society to the high level of welfare and well-being we have today. This growth did come, however, at a serious cost for our planet. Luckily, we can utilize the powerful tool of knowledge once again, transform our way of living in a more sustainable way. At PRé, we help organizations to undertake this transformation based on facts and knowledge.

Reinier Martijn Zwiep

Reinier works at PRé as Product Owner for the SimaPro family and is responsible for the continuous development of SimaPro. In addition, he is finalizing his Master of Science in Management Studies with a focus on strategy at the University of Amsterdam.

He started his career at ABN AMRO by taking on several roles in translating strategic ideas into actionable projects for software teams. During his last 2,5 years, he was a Product Owner for the ABN AMRO app. After that, Reinier worked as a consultant helping companies to improve their business and software development processes.

At PRé, Reinier is working on the continuous development of SimaPro. Reinier does so by getting a solid understanding of the challenges customers are facing and translating that into valuable digital products and software solutions. This way, SimaPro will continue to help organizations to make the right sustainable decisions moving forward.

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