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To improve, manage and report on your environmental performance, you need credible and reliable data about your products, services and organization. However, generating that data can be cumbersome and time-consuming. And making the resulting sustainability insights accessible and understandable beyond the sustainability department is not easy.

True value comes when you make the wealth of sustainability data part of the company’s daily workflow, efficiently and effectively. Ideally by linking sustainability software to the in-house tools you already use – such as design or purchasing tools – or with a custom-made tool that integrates specific business needs and processes.

Integrated software for robust, practical results

With our ample experience, PRé can create integrated software that will give you direct access to environmental data. The backbone of this tool will be our world-class SimaPro life cycle assessment software and the front-end will be your trusted in-house tools. With the combination of our SimaPro online platform and a dedicated, transparent universal model, the results will be robust and aligned with the latest leading scientific consensus, methods and databases.

Because you have direct access to the underlying model, you can update it and modify it as you see fit. You can also leave this to our experts.

Make sustainability part of your daily operations

By using SimaPro as the backbone of your integrated software tool, you can be assured that you’ll get have credible and trustworthy results based on a transparent universal model.

The tool can function as a single source of truth for the entire company, managed by an expert for easy, cost-efficient updating of the underlying data and methods.

As a result, you’ll gain access to environmental data for reporting, managing and improving the environmental performance of your products and services, all while using familiar tools and systems.

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