Accessible LCA with the SimaPro Platform


Get to know how to use the SimaPro online platform and how its modules can help you add value to different types of projects.


4 sessions (online)

The SimaPro online platform was developed to ease collaboration across departments, better communicate your LCA results and simplify data collection from suppliers and other stakeholders. During this training, you will get a hands-on experience with using the SimaPro online platform and its interactive modules, Flow, Share and Collect, to perform life cycle assessments. As a result, you will add a new dynamic tool to your LCA toolbox.

During the training, you will learn about:
  1. Robust modelling in the platform with SimaPro Flow
  2. Easier data collection with SimaPro Collect
  3. Calculating and analyzing impact assessment
  4. Effectively communicating and sharing results with SimaPro Share
As a result, you will
  • get to know how the platform is related to LCA;
  • practice how it can be applied to different LCA projects;
  • learn how to make your LCA model interactive and accessible to non-LCA experts.

After the training you will receive 1 hour of support to get going with your project.

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