Product Social Metrics: How to Apply in Business


Understand and apply the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment in your case study.


1.5 days

There is growing societal recognition that companies are accountable for their entire supply chain. That means investigating social impacts throughout the product life cycle is an important value driver – and an opportunity to support sustainable innovation. That is why PRé developed Product Social Impact Assessment, in concert with market-leading companies. To help companies understand product social metrics and start applying them, we organize this training course focused on the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment.

Together we will dive into:
  • Key differences between environmental and social LCA
  • Understanding social topics (or ‘impact categories’)
  • Developing your goal and scope and the concept of materiality
  • Getting access to data to identify hotspots
  • Getting data to assess the hotspots.

The overall focus of this training is to get you going in the first case study, as ultimately the best way of learning and remembering is by doing.

As a preparation, we ask you to download the handbook and the methodology guide and read at least the executive summaries. Also, come with one or two case studies in mind, as we will exercise with developing your initial goal and scope, as well as your data collection strategy. After registration, we will send a template on which you can specify the basic ingredients of your case study, and we will support you if needed.

The training will be highly interactive and practical with room for your questions. After the course, you will receive 5 hours of consulting helpdesk support to get going with your case.

About the initiative: Product Social Impact Assessment website

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