SimaPro and LCA: In-Depth


Work up to an advanced understanding of the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and practical use of SimaPro including additional software features.


7 afternoons

This advanced SimaPro training is an extended version of our basic training course. First, you will learn all about the LCA methodology and get a basic SimaPro training. Then we move to a practical advanced SimaPro training and additional software features. During the training course, we will also introduce you to the new European initiative for LCA studies: the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organizational Environmental Footprint (OEF) rules, and explain their current status and potential future. This course is particularly useful if you wish to apply LCA to complex products and to more effectively manage and share your data.

LCA methodology training

Goal and scope definition: you will learn to define the objectives and scope of your study and understand the implications of your methodological choices.

Inventory analysis: you will understand the difference between process and input-output data, learn about various data sources and get tips on how to effectively collect data.

Impact assessment: you will get insight into the four different steps of impact assessment, what each step allows you to do in terms of decision-making and learn how to select the most appropriate method.

Interpretation: you will learn how to check if your conclusions are valid and robust by applying a number of recommended interpretation steps.

SimaPro training practice

Goal and scope definition: you will learn how to model multi-output processes and different end of life recovery approaches using SimaPro desktop.

Inventory analysis: you will learn how to model your life cycle effectively in SimaPro as well as how you can adapt secondary data to fit your purposes.

Impact assessment: you will learn how to get more from an impact assessment method in SimaPro and how to select a default method for your calculations.

Interpretation: you will learn how to use all of the interpretation features in SimaPro to help you achieve your study objectives. For instance, the use of parameters to easily compare scenarios.

Advanced SimaPro training topics

Complex end of life modelling: you will learn how to effectively model the production and end of life of complex product life cycles such as a car or a building.

Data management: you will learn how you can clean a project and create your own SimaPro library.

Parameters: you will learn extra tips and tricks for creating scenarios which require different data, e.g. different vehicles being selected depending on the distance traveled.

Custom impact assessment: You will also learn how to adapt an impact assessment method, or make your own custom one.

Specific guidance: you will learn about the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative.

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