When I established PRé in 1990 I ran a design consultancy, then I decided to do ecodesign. But, how do I tell the good from the bad? And how can I measure ‘eco’? So I started on a journey together with a few pioneers in the emerging LCA scene and gave up designing. I realized then that these same questions need to be answered by any company embarking on the route to more sustainable products and services, preferably in a scientific, honest, and businesslike way. Providing good transparent tools, data, and methodologies to empower organizations to make the transition to sustainability, that is my drive.

Mark is widely recognized as an international thought leader in the field of sustainability metrics and methodology development. His primary goal is to help companies create value from sustainable products and services. While with PRé, Mark has developed pioneering methodologies for impact assessment (Eco-indicator 95/99 and ReCiPe). He has also published seminal studies on sustainable consumption, rebounds, and product service systems methodology, as well as initiating development of the world’s most widely used LCA software, SimaPro.

Prior to founding PRé, Mark was a partner in a small industrial design consultancy, where he developed, among other things, special tools for the Dutch Railroad maintenance staff to use in their work on overhead electric wires, an anesthesia ventilator (which received an international IF design award), and text telephones for deaf people (before the invention of SMS). Mark’s career in industrial design began at Demotech-1 in the 70’s where he was inspired by open source technology and the ‘small is beautiful’ movement. This led him to attempt to develop a completely new way of producing metal parts on a very small scale. While this attempt was largely unsuccessful, he remained focused on the goal of developing practical yet scientifically sound solutions for improving the environmental and social performance of products and services.

Mark holds a Master of Science in industrial design engineering from Delft University of Technology.

Mark has transferred the management of the company to Eric Mieras and focuses on some pioneering projects, such as the Product Social Metrics Roundtable (social LCA) and the use of LCA metrics to quantitatively assess Biodiversity impacts.

Articles by Mark Goedkoop