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Worldwide, environmental awareness has been growing. That means sustainable products are not only good for the environment, but also appealing to customers – and therefore good for your company. But what is a real sustainable product and how can you develop one? Companies can easily get tangled in the various types of impacts.

At PRé, we enjoy using our experience and expertise to turn sustainable ambitions into concrete actions by looking at the whole life cycle of products. Our approach is designed to give you all you need to assess your products, now and in the future. You will not only receive the calculated results, but also the future-proof life cycle assessment (LCA) models underlying these calculations – which you can reuse to assess new versions of your products in the future. With our highly flexible approach, we can provide tailored advice and respond to any insights and questions that arise during the product assessment project.

Other ways PRé supports sustainable products

If your company wants to focus on a single impact category, such as your carbon footprint for climate change or water footprint for water scarcity, PRé can help with that. A carbon footprint is often a helpful first step for companies new to sustainability assessments.

We also help companies do environmental product declarations (EPD), a standardized way to report about life cycle impacts.

If you want to add credibility to your company’s LCA studies, our review and verification service is what you’re looking for.

We are also part of a group of front-running companies pioneering social impact assessment, a new area of life cycle assessment that is bound to gain in importance in the coming years.

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