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Action-based sustainability strategy

Making your business decisions with sustainability in mind

In recent years, most companies have become very proficient at reporting on their sustainability efforts. The next step is making sure sustainability is an embedded part of your strategy, operations and daily decision-making. To do that, you need a detailed, impact-oriented sustainability approach, which can accelerate sustainable action and innovation across the company. At PRé, we have the experience to help you move sustainability to this next level, providing the framework and metrics that make your sustainability strategy a powerful tool for change.

Our experts and yours will sit together to map the details of your organization and pinpoint where you would like more insight. For instance, how is your organization doing on climate change, water, biodiversity or SDGs? After building this shared understanding, we will help you deepen your organizational sustainability strategy and take relevant standards and best practices into account.

Other ways PRé supports sustainable companies

There are many angles you can take when driving your company toward more sustainable operation. PRé can help you with any and all of the following:

  • Environmental performance monitoring is ideal for companies that want to embed sustainable metrics in their organization.
  • A portfolio sustainability assessment can help you understand which products or product groups are high performers and which require attention.
  • An environmental profit and loss account (EP&L) is a standardized way to express life cycle impacts in monetary value – which is easy to grasp for outsiders.
  • Positive impact measurement and communication is very valuable, especially for social and biodiversity impacts.
  • Corporate carbon footprint and organization environmental footprint (OEF) reporting is a great way to dive into your sustainability journey on the company level.

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