I believe that sustainable future lays ahead. To reach it, a lot of people should make a lot of small steps. How many people, how many steps and in which direction? Let’s quantify! LCA can help us in achieving that future. When I learned more about it at PRé, I was amused by the precision one can achieve and by the challenges on the way.

Aleksandr studied fashion design in Saint-Petersburg and worked in a fashion design studio. Later he studied user experience design and web development during his freelance work as a web designer. He mostly learned everything himself by experimenting and implementing feedback.

Before joining PRé, Aleksandr worked in a software studio, where a project of android app for pipeline engineers was an exciting design challenge. Working there, he became a project manager for web projects of a famous animation company.

At PRé Aleksandr is responsible for the design and development of front-end for SimaPro platform. His focus is on creating a smooth and clear workflow for platform users and experts.